North Colorado Health Alliance

The North Colorado Health Alliance is a public and private joint venture dedicated to treating community health as a single complex phenomenon. On an ongoing basis, the Alliance serves as an incubator of best practices, and convenes community partners to stimulate innovation, integration, and a greater understanding of medical and non-medical factors contributing to community health. The Alliance engages in strategic health planning and innovative management to create health care neighborhoods for all individuals living in the northern regions of Colorado, with a special focus on the underserved.

Our community joint venture has been built upon the four pillars of: access to care, workforce and organizational development, integrating infrastructure, and accountability. All Alliance partners and agencies participating in the community health campaign—Make TODAY Count!–are leaders in promoting greater community understanding of the complex of factors that contribute to the health of the community. Our ongoing integration of health and other community services is the outcome of this widening understanding of health as a single puzzle with many interlocking and equally indispensable pieces.