The North Colorado Health Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our integrated community health operations are supported in large part by community benefit grants and gifts from foundations and other Alliance partners. We are grateful for every donation, of whatever size. We depend upon the generous support of the local, state, and national community to continue making quality integrated health services available to all in our part of the world.

Our care managers work hard to connect our patients with all of the support systems for which they are eligible. Too often, however, we find that gaps in our system leave our patients vulnerable, resulting in difficulties in managing complex chronic conditions, in turn leading to costly emergency department visits and hospital readmissions that should be preventable.

Your donation will greatly assist our care managers in their efforts to stabilize vulnerable patients and to develop their self-sufficiency.

A donation of:
$5.00 will cover the co-payment on a prescribed medication
$10.00 will help buy a winter coat or other clothing for a patient in transition
$25.00 will cover round-trip cab fare to/from the clinic
$50.00 will cover the cost of a month’s life-saving insulin for a diabetic patient
$100 will cover the cost of emergency cleaning for a home that is unfit for healthy living
$300 will cover the cost of fumigation for a house infected by bedbugs or other pests

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All donations are tax-deductible. To discuss a legacy or named gift, or a monthly pledge, please call (970)-350-4673.

Thank you very much!