Healthy Food and Beverage Policies

The North Colorado Health Alliance (NCHA), in partnership with the Weld County Healthy Food and Beverage Policy Steering Committee, is encouraging local municipalities and public venues to adopt Healthy Food and Beverage Policies. Healthy Food and Beverage Policies promote health in the community by making access to healthier food and beverages easier and decreasing access to less healthy options. By adopting Healthy Food and Beverage Policies, local agencies can be role models for our children and set a positive example for our community while encouraging positive changes in social norms around “food environments.” A food environment is the physical and social surroundings that influence what we eat and drink including our work environment, public venues, and homes.

A Healthy Food and Beverage Policy ensures that meetings, events, vending machines, concessions, and cafeterias offer and promote healthier options and encourage positive behavior change surrounding food and beverage choices.

NCHA recognized the following agencies for adopting a policy:
City of Greeley Culture, Parks, and Recreation Department
Eaton Area Recreation District
Windsor Parks, Recreation, and Culture Department
Thompson River Parks and Recreation District
Sunrise Community Health
High Plains Library District

How it Works:
1. The Steering Committee conducts an assessment of an organization’s food and beverage environment.
2. Based on assessment reports, organizations adopt the Weld County Healthy Food and Beverage Model Policy.
3. Organizations implement Healthy Food and Beverage guidelines based on the model policy.
4. The steering committee provides resources and technical assistance to advance the adoption and implementation of Healthy Food and Beverage guidelines.

Sample Guidelines
• Free water must be available at meetings and events
• When providing food for meetings or events, a healthy option must be available
• Vending machines and concessions must offer at least 25% healthy snacks and at least 50% healthy beverages
• Healthy options must be priced the same or less than the less healthy option
• Healthy options must be placed and promoted above less healthy options

To view the full policy, please click here (PDF)
If your organization is interested in adopting a Healthy Food and Beverage Policy, please get in touch with:

Jenny Linder
Healthy Food and Beverage Policy Coordinator
North Colorado Health Alliance
2930 11th Ave.—Evans, CO 80620
Work (970) 346-2549
Cell (303) 917-3534