Colorado Adult Medicaid Quality Measure

During the Summers of 2013 and 2014, the NCHA care management team implemented an innovative short-term Colorado Adult Medicaid Quality Measure (CAMQM) intervention to identify and manage adult Medicaid patients with major depression, improving overall quality of care and reducing health care costs.

CAMQM Strategies

  • High-efficiency screening for well-being of entire client population
  • High-efficiency care management of symptomatic clients
  • Enhance integration of primary care and mental health services

CAMQM Statistics

  • Target population: RCCO Medicaid enrollees assigned to Region II
  • Adult clients attributed to Sunrise Community Health (FQHC)
  • Adult clients attributed to North Colorado Family Medicine (NCFM)


  • Alleviated population
  • Reduced ED and IP costs
  • Enhanced medication compliance
  • Adjustment of person-centered treatment plans
  • Patient-monitored for symptom improvement
  • 50% reduction of symptoms based on PHQ-9 scoring within 10-12 weeks of treatment initiation
  • Real-time information regarding prescription filling to local safety net clinics
  • Strengthened collaboration with local pharmacies

Project Successes

  • Recruited, hired, & trained temporary community outreach workers
  • Designed and launched project in 30 days
  • Call center dialed entire target population in first 10 days of project
  • Documented suicide interventions
  • Integration of project care management data with shared EHR
  • Registry of patients with a depression diagnosis to facilitate efficient and sustainable population health management
  • Clients identified as potentially depressed referred for managed care and treatment
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