Community Action Collaborative

An Action Lab is a community process to collectively develop solutions, goals, and an action plan to address a systems change. A “100 Day Challenge,” takes place, where intervention strategies that were developed are implemented into our community.
From September 2016-January 2017, NCHA embarked on a community-based Action Lab to create inter-agency interventions to improve responses to non-emergent 9-11 calls that result in unnecessary Emergency Department (ED) visits or arrests.


Action Lab Goals: 

  • Better understand the scope of challenges faced by law enforcement/first responders when working with high utilizers of the system
  • Develop better system integration and responses to non-emergent 911 calls to provide law enforcement with alternatives to ED and/or jail
  • Identify health/human services needs for better system integration of resources


Aim Statement:

Develop and implement a new coordinated agency system to allow data sharing among involved agencies and develop a by-name list of 125 individuals, those of which we will screen/assess and educate 85 on non-emergent calls and ED use, and connect 65 of those with the appropriate resources within 100 days in Greeley, Colorado.



  • Outreached 142 individuals: 97 Diversion and 45 Prevention
  • All 142 individuals were connected with resources
  • NCHA community health care managers partnered with the Guadalupe Shelter and successfully assisted 9 homeless individuals with the appeals process to get them into the shelter
  • DHS and North Range Behavioral Health collaborated to improve discharge planning at the Weld County Sheriff’s Office and assisted inmates with Medicaid enrollment
  • Successfully wrapped one of the most complex individuals on the by-name list, she is now safe and receiving needed care. This individual was known in the community for over use of the system for over 20 years
  • Ongoing agency collaboration with urgent responders, law enforcement, the justice system and other human services agencies for diversion to appropriate services

Action Lab Community Partners:

Banner Paramedics
Colorado Access
Greeley Fire Department
Greeley Police Department
The Guadalupe Shelter
High Plains Library District
Municipal Courts/Probation
North Colorado Health Alliance
North Range Behavioral Health
Sunrise Community Health Clinic
A Women’s Place
Weld County Department of Human Services
Weld County Dispatch 9-1-1 Center
Weld County Jail

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