First Steps

FIRST STEPS has supported vulnerable women throughout at-risk pregnancies since 1991.

FIRST STEPS provides pregnant women with:

  • referrals for medical care
  • person-specific pre-natal education
  • referrals to community resources

FIRST STEPS Statistics:

  • more than 80 percent of FIRST STEPS clients are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy
  • 9 percent of babies born in Colorado are pre-term
  • Colorado has one of the highest low-birth weights in the nation
  • Only 5 percent of babies born to FIRST STEPS clients were pre-term (in 2009)


  • healthy pregnancies, healthy mothers
  • healthy deliveries, healthy babies
  • healthy children
  • healthy families
  • expected pregnancies

Pre-term babies are at an increased risk for severe illness and death and are more likely to have long-term health problems and learning disabilities. Unexpected babies may be especially vulnerable to many of the non-medical factors influencing long-term health outcomes.

For more information on the FIRST STEPS program, please call (970) 350-4673.

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