Integrated Information Technology

NCHA supports a fully shared electronic health record (including practice management) between physical, behavioral, oral, and population health partners. The platform also provides the framework to host e-mail, productivity, accounting, time-keeping and other software unique to the NCHA partners.

Integrated and Shared Information Technology Goals

  • Make the patient’s electronic health record available to certified users in an easy and timely manner to facilitate the best care possible
  • Support integration of health care and team-based models by enhancing documentation and communication through a shared information system.
  • Create uniform data collection across locations of care and partner agencies
  • Support population-based quality improvement and cost control activities using the most comprehensive data set available.
  • Reduce individual agency costs for information technology by leveraging size and scope.

Integrated Information Technology Statistics

Our IT team supports . . .

  • 631 workstations (377 thin clients; 108 PCs; 146 laptops
  • 558 active users (461 Sunrise; 57 Weld County; 40 NCHA
  • 398 active email accounts
  • 85+ vendors
  • 70+ software applications
  • 75 file servers
  • 100 printers
  • 65 scanners

To date, the electronic health record database is 530,473,984 kilobytes and contains:

  • 3,622,000 orders (of which 1,293,000 are lab and 259,000 are referrals)
  • 1,250,000 prescriptions
  • 982,000 visits
  • 153,000+ patient records (147,933 are active; 5,084 are inactive)
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