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Since 2013, North Colorado Health Alliance has served as a Certified Assistance Site for Weld County, providing impartial assistance to consumers seeking health coverage through the health insurance marketplace, Connect for Health Colorado.

In the fall of 2014, NCHA opened My Health Connections. My Health Connections serves as a dedicated assistance site and has appointment and walk-in availability. Trained professionals, known as Health Coverage Guides (HCGs), assist Weld County residents through the complexities of purchasing health insurance online.

All Health Coverage Guide services are provided free of charge.





Call (970-301-4426) today to make an appointment. Open enrollment is from November 1, 2017 to January 12, 2018! In the meantime, anyone experiencing a Qualified Life Change Event or difficulties in maintaining coverage can visit us for assistance.

We want people to know:

1. No one can be denied health insurance coverage due to a pre-existing condition,

2. Individuals and families that purchase coverage through Connect for Health Colorado may be eligible for financial assistance to reduce their monthly cost for insurance,

3. A life change event (loss of health insurance, changes in income, marriage, birth, divorce, move into Colorado or to a new zip code) present opportunities for people seeking coverage to enroll in the Connect for Health Colorado Marketplace at any time during the year, and

4. In Colorado, now, adults who do not have children, as well as families, may be eligible for Medicaid based on income and may apply at any time during the year.

More information is available at

You can get an estimate of what financial assistance you may qualify for at the Connect for Health Colorado website:

Additionally, if you would like to apply for health coverage through Colorado Medicaid, the enrollment process is available all year!  Please click this link to get started:

North Colorado Health Alliance’s trained professionals can help you understand your options! Call today 970-301-4426!

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