Thriving Weld Data Dashboard

NCHA manages two Community Data Dashboards: the Thriving Weld Dashboard and the Thriving Colorado Dashboard.


The Thriving Weld Dashboard is a collaborative effort to facilitate data sharing for collective impact in Weld County. Over 70 partners from a variety of sectors use the dashboard to help Weld County bring about measurable and long-term results. The dashboard provides an online gateway to information about how our community is doing in the areas of access to care, active living, education, healthy eating, healthy mind and spirit, livelihood, and health equity.


The Thriving Colorado Dashboard is a statewide community health data dashboard. This dashboard will allow Colorado to adopt one common tool to align efforts and strategies with agencies and organizations across the state. Using the Thriving Colorado Dashboard will support collective impact efforts toward our shared goal of making Colorado the healthiest state in the nation.